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We got learned! Halo 3 MA5C rifle info

Dustin Burg

As part of their in depth analysis of random Halo 3 technology, posted an analysis of an old weapon gone new, the MA5C Assault Rifle. Again, it is written in an army field report style with soldier opinions, technical specifications, and weapon combo strategies. One of our favorite soldier quotes referring to the assault rifle has to be "The (MA5C) is the workhorse for us ground-pounders. Just holding it makes you feel like God's own anti-son-of-a-blam!-machine". The assault rifle is similar in looks to it's older brother the MA5B (which appeared in the original Halo), but acts more like its Halo 2 cousin the BR55 Battle Rifle. Key differences that separate this assault rifle from the Halo version is that the clip holds much less rounds (32 to be exact), each bullet is more damaging, and it is much more accurate at longer distances. We also hear that it's wicked brutal when used as a melee weapon. The MA5C Assault Rifle will be the workhorse in Halo 3 and we're looking forward to using it to splatter grunt juice over every wall.

[Thanks, un1qu3 n3wy0rk]

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