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When Ventrilo goes wrong


Ventrilo, Teamspeak, and other voice chat programs can be a great tool for coordinating raids. They can also be a great tool for inappropriate comments to completely wipe an otherwise normal raid. This definitely-not-safe-for-work and possibly-your-sanity Vent recording of an younger kid desperately trying to fit in with the older raiders on a tryout run in Blackwing Lair shows that -- the kid's comments end up distracting the raid so much that the group accidentally pulls Broodlord. (Note: You have been warned about the Vent recording, since it will scar you for life and make you really wonder about the youth of America.)

This has set some people reminiscing about the best comments they've heard on Vent, and the effect it can have on unprepared raids. Back in the day, when I was a noob 60 just beginning to run Scholomance, my guild leader -- who I was utterly terrified of -- laid down while we were recuperating our mana between pulls and started singing songs from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical on Vent. I started singing along, he choked on a cigarette, and we both started laughing. In the ensuing hysteria, which NO ONE else on the run understood, I somehow managed to run directly into two groups of mobs. We wiped and I was not allowed to talk to the guild leader in runs anymore.

Do you have any horrible Ventrilo wipe stories to tell?

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