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Brain tumor victim makes-a-wish for PS3

Kyle Orland

The St. Albans Messenger has a heartwarming story about a recovering brain tumor patient that got a pretty sweet deal courtesy of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Eighteen-year-old Ryan Kubas came home from a limousine trip to Wendy's (his favorite restaurant) to find a widescreen LCD TV, a new sound system, and a PlayStation 3 that had been donated by an anonymous IBM employee.

To be completely accurate, Ryan didn't get the PS3 until just after he got home, and was reportedly "a little disappointed" to find just the sound system and TV upon arriving. When Make-A-Wish volunteers brought the system from their car, though, they produced "a chorus of cheers from everyone inside the house."

Kubas' initial review of the PS3 reveals that it is "very realistic, much better than the PlayStation 2," and also "awesome."

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