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Hitachi's W51H sports 800 x 400 display for KDDI

Chris Ziegler

So that hot little batch of phones KDDI threw down for its CDMA-based au network in Japan this week? Yeah, seems we might have gotten a little too wrapped up in that nifty lookin' Media Skin device, seeing how we glossed right over this little gem: the W51H clamshell from Hitachi offers up a staggering 800 x 480 display in its snow white (or red or black) shell. We'd imagine this is the very same 2.9-inch screen being demoed by Hitach just last month, trading some extreme eye strain for a nearly desktop-class web browsing experience without sacrificing battery juice. Other features of the W51H are fairly typical Japanese fare, including a 2 megapixel cam, fingerprint recognition, GPS, and 30MB of onboard memory. As usual, expect this to hit American store shelves right about the time pigs take to the skies.

[Via SCI FI Tech]

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