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NTT DoCoMo's D800iDS takes a note from Nintendo's DS

Darren Murph

While an opaque white clamshell doesn't really demand much special attention these days, opening it up only to discover two LCD screens is most certainly something to write home about, and considering that one of them accepts touch / stylus inputs, the correlation here simply can't be ignored. In what appears to be a spinoff of Nintendo's dual-screened approach on the DS / DS Lite handhelds, NTT DoCoMo's D800iDS handset sports twin internal displays, "one of which is a touch-sensitive screen that lets you input data via a stylus instead of a conventional keypad." Interestingly, the phone's name is even flanked by a "DS" moniker, but the carrier insists that it stands for "direct and smooth" (saywha?) and doesn't have "any relation whatsoever to any Nintendo product." While we won't readily believe that the engineers on this one have been oblivious to the DS all this time, it does manage to recognize handwritten input and sport a 1.3-megapixel camera (and probably some form of kid-tracking kit) as well. There's no word on pricing just yet, but it should launch exclusively in DS fanboy territory Japan next month.

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