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What's inside the Big Box Project?


A malfunctioning Xbox 360, that's what. After being bathed in the dreaded red lights of doom for the second time, one Xbox 360 owner was decidedly unimpressed to learn that his second return would not enjoy the same level of service that the initial one did. Customer support informed him that a recent change in Microsoft policy did away with round-trip shipping boxes -- instead, he would have to provide his own packaging and pay for the shipping to the repair center.

Irked by the policy change, our protagonist saw the opportunity for revenge when he was told of another Microsoft policy. It dictates that when the repairs are completed, the console is sent back to the customer within the same box it arrived in, at Microsoft's expense. Thus, The Big Box Project was born.

"The mission is simple; to raise enough money through donations to send the largest box possible... a shipping container. I want a 40 foot solid steel shipping container with nothing in it but my poor little xbox 360."

The site's creator suggests that if enough Paypal donations come through, the shipping container will be taken on tour, gathering up broken Xbox 360s across the country. Joystiq can't verify what happens to donations, but if you're going to lose money to a scam, at least make sure it's an amusing one.

[Thanks chEv3lle.]

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