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Bang & Olufsen intros BeoLab 9 loudspeakers

Darren Murph

Per usual, Bang & Olufsen is out crafting home theater components that only a select few can afford, yet just about everyone can appreciate. The BeoLab 9 loudspeakers are no different, as they sport a unique conically-shaped cabinet that house the five-inch mid-range and ten-inch bass drivers, and the tweeter gets perched atop the unit ready to spread those highs "in an arc of 180 degrees." These towers also feature the firm's Acoustic Lens Technology, which supposedly "guarantees uniform sound characteristics in front of the speaker, letting the listener hear constant timbre even when moving around or sitting in different places." While we're not too confident on blasting these guys without a subwoofer somewhere in the loop, they do manage to tout the company's "Adaptive Bass Linearisation technology" to prevent distortion, and can reportedly reach down to 30Hz all by their lonesome. Of course, for the presumably lofty price these things will demand, you also get a paint job of your choice, as the towers come in red, blue, dark grey, and black. No word on when these should grace showroom floors, nor how many arms / legs you'll need to liquidate before even thinking about 'em, but the BeoLab 9 should be impressing deep-pocketed listeners real soon. Click on through for another look.

[Via Acquire]

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