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Homebrew typing application for PSP pops up


Ever since the PSP launched, people have proclaimed to be waiting for a certain "something" that would kick its nearest rival off its pedestal, dig it a grave, and then nail it into its coffin, all in one fell swoop. We're guessing that a keyboard attachment isn't the combo move that the fanboys have been waiting for, despite the abandoned efforts of Logic, and the new, successful efforts of a coder called Moneytoo, who created a homebrew application that lets you hook up a Palm Universal Wireless keyboard to your PSP so that you can write simple text files. Nevermind that it won't help with typing in crazy long SSIDs, WEP keys, or URLs, it's still a rather impressive coding job, not least in the context of Sony's repeated efforts to prevent people from running unsigned code on their little portables and Logic's consequent failure to produce a PSP keyboard peripheral. The fact that Moneytoo made it possible to use a 3rd party peripheral which can be picked up on eBay for around $50 was a nice touch too, but considering that there's currently no ability to save, or even open text files using the homebrew app, we'd recommend you hold onto your regular homework machine for a little bit longer. That beta tag doesn't mean "better."

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