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WWE star Kane professes love of PSP


WWE wrestling superstar Kane loves the PSP ... and so should you. When traveling on his cross-country flights, the celebrity can be often seen playing a match of WWE Smackdown on Sony's portable. "The PSP is a pretty popular system because it doesn't take up a lot of room," said Kane. "It has the Wi-Fi connections so the guys can play each other. We've had some long trips overseas and the guys will actually get some games going on the PSPs. One of the best time-passes I've ever had on a transatlantic flight was a three-way tables, ladders and chairs match with me playing as myself and then the other two guys were playing as Shelton Benjamin and the 80s Hulk Hogan. We had like an hour-long match. With the portability, you don't lose much in gameplay and graphics because it's such an awesome little machine."

The wrestler admits that he has a bias for wrestling games, but that's not all he likes in the PSP library. "I've played the PSP version of the game and it's probably the best game on the PSP, and that's saying a lot because the PSP has a lot of good games on it," he notes. You could choose to disagree with him, but then, he'd probably just kill you.

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