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iCube's iRec for iPod


Korea's iCube has a new one-touch, direct-to-iPod video recorder for you this morning. The iRec -- not to be confused with the iRecord which has been out for awhile -- can record video at up to 640 x 480 pixels and a 2.5Mbps bit rate from any composite or S-Video source without the need for a PC. Yeah, it charges your iPod too as it records. Your captured vids are then automatically cataloged on the iPod and then synced back to iTunes when connected to your PC or Mac. While the iRec includes a "Timer" button, don't be fooled -- it's limited to turning recording off, not on. So no late night or away-from-home scheduling for you, son. Still, we can imagine that this 169,000KRW ($180) recorder fills a niche for some of you.


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