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Vista slips out onto online shelves in the UK


There's some crazy pent-up demand out there for this new OS Microsoft has been prepping for the better part of the century -- you might have heard of it -- that's why it's not incredibly surprising that a few retailer are jumping the gun and getting real copies of Vista (as opposed to those completely illegitimate copies of Vista) into the hands of consumers a tad bit early. We're sure the Microsoftian repercussions will be swift and just, but for now you can snap up an OEM copy of Vista Home Basic for the low, low price of £54.99 in the UK ($109 US) from the oh-so-busted Overclockers UK online store. Of course, OEM operating system purchases aren't exactly on the up-and-up anyways, so this is just all the more exciting, right?

[Via The Inquirer]

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