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AddOn Spotlight: ArcHUD

Eliah Hecht

This is my HUD. There are many like it, but this one is mine. I've gotten a few questions from various people about how to make the rings show up around your character, and this is how I do it. ArcHUD, like other HUD mods, puts meters for your health, your mana/rage/energy, your target's health, and other things right by your character where the action is, so you don't always have to go looking up into the corner of the screen. In the screenshot, for instance, from left to right, the bars are: my mana, my HP, my casting bar, and target's HP. Near the bars, you can see text for various things: the name of the spell I'm casting (lol, Smite), my HP and MP in numerical form, the time left on my cast, and my target's percentage health remaining. Below all that is some extra info on my target, target of target, and target of target's target, along with a nice little 3D model of my target (this helps to quickly see who you're targeting when healing).

One of the nice things about ArcHUD in particular is that it plays well with other AddOns. If you have DruidBar, ArcHUD will show your mana bar when you're in shapeshift form. If you have MobInfo2, it'll show exactly how much HP the mob has left. And I'm sure there are other interactions I'm as yet unaware of. It works for all classes, too: if you've got a pet, for instance, it shows smaller rings for your pet's health and mana/focus inside the main rings. It can display an energy ticker for rogues and druids in cat form. It shows a breath bar when you're underwater. Verily, this HUD has it all (or at least all I've ever wanted).

I've tried various other HUDs, including MetaHud, Drathals HUD, and Moog HUD, but I keep coming back to Arc. I like the way it looks, I like its configurability (which is extensive), and overall it just gives me all the right info in all the right places. The days before it was updated for 2.0.1 were dark times indeed, but it's been working great for me ever since.

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