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Artist to offer 3D sculptures of your Mii

Kyle Orland

Sculptor/illustrator Paul Thiel made the super-cute 6"-tall Mii sculpture seen to the right as a Christmas present for friend Allison McCarthy. It started as just a fun idea, but, as Thiel explained in an e-mail to Joystiq, "after showing it around we got to thinking about the possibility getting it out there and try to take small orders."

Thiel is hard at work on a web site to take orders for smaller, 3.5" versions of the personalized Sculpey and acrylic creations. Until then, people interested in having a Mii sculpture of their own can e-mail to express their interest. Exact pricing is not set yet, but Thiel says he'd like to "make them as affordable as possible to everyone with a Mii."

Read on for some more sculpture shots (from before they were finished with a clear coat).

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