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Cartridge takes a beating, keeps on ticking


Apparently an up-and-comer in the Japanese celebrity world, Haruna Anno has decided to test the toughness and durability of a couple SNES (Super Famicom) cartridges. All being Street FIghter II: The World Warrior, one was left to freeze in an icebox, another left to burn on a stove and the last was chucked down a flight of steps.

The conclusion? Upon placing each game into the console and turning it on, they all worked and played fine! Amazing, especially in the case of the one subjected to fire, as it had to be filed down to actually fit into the console. So has this launched her further up the ranks of the Japanese celebrity list? We don't know, but now at least we know our cartridges might be safe if we accidentally flung them down a flight of stairs.

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