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Nintendo prez Reggie Fils-Aime: "Wii can have it all"

Blake Snow

GamePro sat down with Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime yesterday to discuss all things Wii in addition to low HD adoption rates, the chance of a Wii redesign, and the constant comparisons between Apple and his employer. Oh, and Reggie thinks Wii can perhaps take over the world, most likely in a big damn truck. From the interview:

"If you're asking about philosophy, it's clear by now that we're headed in a very different direction [than PS3 or 360]. We're putting games back into 'play,' you might say, for everyone ... From a strategic standpoint, that's where we're different -- not restricting ourselves from catering only to the core. But amazingly, most of those core players are having an absolute blast with Wii, too. The early indications are that, just maybe, Wii can have it all."

Enough already! All these trite exchanges of "we" for "Wii" have us confused. On one hand, Fils-Aime could be saying "Nintendo can have it all." On the other hand, he could be saying "Wii (the console) can have it all." But maybe that's a moot point; aren't they one in the same?

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