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Ry Cooder uses iTunes to master his album

Scott McNulty

Ry Cooder, an accomplished guitarist, was having trouble with his latest solo effort 'My Name is Buddy.' Try as he might he just didn't like the way that the tracks (that's songs in musician speak) sounded. They were a bit over processed to his ears, however, when Ry burned a CD of his album from iTunes it sounded great.

What was going on?

One of the sound engineers pointed out that iTunes applies a 'Sound Enhancer' to each track, hence why they sounded so sweet. Ry then knew the answer, he just took the iTunes CD and make it the 'master' (that's the copy of the final album that all others are created from). See that, you too can create an awesome album with just a little talent, iTunes, a studio full of expensive equipment, and some highly trained professionals.

Sadly, the album isn't available on the iTunes Store (yet).

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