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Shopping for Vista


Ever go shopping for OS X? There's the standard version, the server, and the family pack. And that's more or less about it. Vista? Not so much. As loyal TUAW reader Tyler pointed out, you can get the Ultimate version, the Premium version, the Home Premium version, the Business version, the Home Basic version, Additional Licence packs, the 64-bit Business Ultimate version for System Builders, the 32-bit Business Ultimate version for System Builders, the 64-bit Home Ultimate version for System Builders, and...

I'm sorry. I just can't go on. It's too overwhelming. And it goes on for page after expensive page after page after page on Amazon. So what does this tell you about Vista? And about Microsoft? The words unfocused and inefficient immediately spring to mind. They're spending way too much time creating distinctions that don't actually have a functional difference in the way that people actually use their computers, and which in the end will harm their brand identity.

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