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SolidAlliance dock puts your USB ducks in a row

Evan Blass

Anyone with even an ounce of geek cred has at least one of the many varieties of duck-shaped flash drives hanging obtrusively off of his or her computer, but up until now there hasn't really been a proper way to showcase these tributes to the whimsical bathtub days of youth. Well that's all about to change thanks to duck-loving SolidAlliance, who has just released a USB hub specifically designed for the iDuck, iDuck Love, Devil Duckie, and their many, many brethren. What makes this particular hub so duck-tastic, you ask? For starters, its got pictures of USB ducks adorned above each input -- so, you know, you don't accidentally plug in your sushi drives or something stupid like that. You'd think that they'd also space out the USB jacks so that you could squeeze in three full-size ducks next to one another, but alas, it seems that you'll need some baby ducks (or ducklings, as it were) in the mix if you want to fill up all four slots. And if you don't have enough electronic waterfowl to justify a dedicated dock? No problem: these damn ducks are so popular nowadays that you can even pick up non-functional, completely ornamental models to fill in the blanks.

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