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Sony's firmware 1.5 update for PS3 includes contactless payments


Sony's latest PS3 firmware update (1.5 already? Oh how the time flies!) really has its heart in the right place. None of this magnanimous 720p Blu-ray playback nonsense, or any other help for the True HD impaired. No, this time around Sony is concentrating on what really matters: raking in the cash. See, the update lets you hook up a fancy little PaSoRi reader, which can pull contactless payments from your Edy money card or Felica phone to fill up your Network Wallet with relevant monies. It's all Japan-only, of course, but perhaps one day we can be cool like our island friends. Other minor enhancements include the addition of WEP128 and WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES) for wireless security, and a few other smaller fixes. The firmware should be headed to Japanese PS3s tomorrow.

[Via gearfuse]

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