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Why you should check out the State of the Union Address

Ben Drawbaugh

Other than to hear how the ol' Union is doing this year, HDTV fans have another reason to check out the State of the Union Address tonight. We all know that it takes a lot of work to get HD programming to your HDTV and like many things in life some have more success than others. That is what makes the SOTU so unique, it is one of the only opportunities we have to truly compare the networks. The reason why this is such a great comparison is because in the past all the networks have used the same video pool. This means that all the networks are using the same cameras, and since you're using the same HDTV as you switch channels, that only leaves all the other stuff in the middle to judge. This year HDNet is also going to cover the event and although the other networks haven't confirmed their HD coverage, we will assume they will cover the event in HD, based on their coverage from the past few years -- well everyone except Fox who has previously covered it with Fox Widecreeen rather than HD. So while your checking out the SOTU tonight switch between all the feeds and look for a poll tomorrow.

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