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ZunePhone: Part Deux


TUAW reader Rich pointed us to this hilarious RegisteredMedia iPhone parody ad, which resonated with me along much the same lines as the video where Microsoft redesigned the iPod package. Perhaps there will only ever be one Jonathan Ive. Perhaps Apple cultivates design as a goal rather than a side effect. But I do find that many Microsoft offerings are more than necessarily clunky.

I'm looking forward to the design improvements I've heard about in Vista, an OS I have not yet had a chance to play with (I'm still stuck in WinXP SP2-ville). And although the Zune does not have the same elegant feel as the iPod (both its physical design and via its interface), there are some actual positive design thoughts that the unit expresses, something I've not seen much of in the past (Yes, I've been using Windows since version 1. It was awful.)

I also enjoyed this parody iPhone-cover from the RegisteredMedia site.

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