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European PlayStation 3 launch details to be revealed tonight


It looks like our European friends are finally going to get an official word on when they'll be able to get their fingerprints on a PlayStation 3 of their own, with Sony promising to spill all the launch details at midnight tonight (we assume that's U.K. time). Unless Sir Stringer has a surprise up his sleeve, however, most seem to already have a pretty good idea of what'll be said, with previously reporting that 60GB PS3 is expected to launch March 23rd for £425 in the U.K. and €599 across the rest of Europe, with the sole exception of Ireland, who'll apparently have to shell out an extra €30 due to higher VAT rates. The 20GB model isn't expected to be available at launch. Given the the delay, the launch will no doubt be a bit more subdued than the one we experienced on this side of the pond, but please, take it easy.

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