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"I can't carry any more"

Eliah Hecht

When I first looked at this thread in the forums, my reaction was "QQ." But the more I think about it, the more reasonable it seems. The poster asks for an upgradable backpack, since bags larger than 14 slots are becoming the norm. I've definitely had trouble selling Netherweave Bags, since almost everybody seems to already have 16-slotters. In a world like that, the backpack becomes your smallest bag, and that doesn't make a lot of sense. Furthermore, anything that increases the amount I can carry, without me having to spend 90g each on Imbued Netherweave Bags, would certainly be welcome. Between a full set of extra gear (for healing), various consumables, quest items, rep pickups, herbs, etc., I don't usually have very much free space -- and that's even with having an AH alt that I mail everything off to once it's ready to be sold. Vendors have been pretty easy to come by, but still, I'd really appreciate an extra 4 slots, like the poster proposes.

Unfortunately, Drysc pours a little rain on that parade:

  • Allowing the backpack to be upgraded or otherwise just increased is always a possibility, but not something we're planning to do just yet. We need to take into account physical storage space on the realms for each character, and an increase of the default backpack size could definitely have a profound impact. Just like we've increased bank storage and bank bag slots we're certainly keeping the backpack in mind for possibilities of future storage increases.
So don't hold your breath, I suppose. What do you guys think: should we have more bag space, or is it just fine as-is? And do you know any good tips for making room in your inventory?

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