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Poll: What's the best way to first-person shoot?

Blake Snow

First-person shooters have been around for nearly 15 years from the time id's Wolfenstein 3D popularized the genre. Since then, controls have largely remained the same (mouse/keyboard or traditional controller) while graphics continue to impress. But if controls ain't broke, don't fix 'em, right? Right, but perhaps the genre could be so much more through a newly incorporated interface. And even though Nintendo systems are probably the least healthy platforms for FPSs (not to mention the least capable graphically speaking), recent experience seems to suggest that the DS and Wii are doing more to advance/evolve the genre's controls than anything else. Granted, the trusty mouse and keyboard still reign supreme, but maybe innovative controls in this case are a worthwhile pursuit. So we ask you, Joystiq Nation:

What's the best way to first-person shoot?
Mouse and keyboard
Any Wii shooter
Metroid Prime Hunters' style
Dual directional pads (traditional controller)
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