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PS1 and PS2 games will look beautiful again!

Nick Doerr

As mentioned in an earlier post by Kspraydad, the upcoming firmware update is going to include a patch that fixes all the ugly issues presented by PS1 and PS2 titles not running in progressive scan mode. As quoted from Filt3r: "but the most noticeable change comes in the form of fixed display of PSone and PS2 games not running in progressive scan mode. That's right. Former eye-poisoning backward compatible games are now fixed."

As for other changes in the update, here's a list:

  • You can now set an image/photo for their user ID
  • Edy support added
  • 'Operation Sound' added to sound settings
  • 'Delete Backup Data' added to backup utilities
  • WEP128, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK(AES) can now utilize AOSS (hmm, Greek to me)
  • Your login password can be saved without setting the system to log you in automatically.
  • Korean keyboard setting available

Oh my gosh, finally! This is probably the coolest news ever for the PS3 (since the whole game front has been less than buzzing). If you haven't started to yet, get yourself downloading that firmware update, try out the upgrade with your favorite PSone or PS2 game and let us know what happens! Awesomeness. So, how's that "Woo!" news now?

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