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Sega to Crush PSP [Update 1]

Steven Bailey

SEGA wants PSP players to prepare for a head trip. IGN is reporting that this summer SEGA will release a psychological puzzle game called Crush. Created by Kuju Brighton, Crush is about a man named Dan who is haunted by his past and suffers from chronic insomnia. To try and cure this problem, Dan turns to hypnosis. If that doesn't sound unique, just wait until you hear about the gameplay.

Crush takes place in a complex 3D world where players have to "crush" environments, which makes them then become 2D space. At this point the layout is like that of a 2D platformer. Because of the altering of the world, you're able to solve puzzles, access new areas and gain reach to secret items.

Sounds ridiculously creative. I can't wait to get my hands on it! See trailer after the cut.

[Update 1: Fixed formatting issues.]

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