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Happy European transfer day

Eliah Hecht

We seem to be a few days late reporting this -- these transfers close tomorrow. Sorry about that; they must have slipped past in the post-BC furor. Anyway, Thundy drops the following knowledge:

  • The below migrations are currently active. They're scheduled to close on Friday January 26th, at 12:00 (noon) CET. However, again, please note that this may change at any time.

  • Crushridge to Jaedenar / Boulderfist / Vek'nilash / Kor'gall
  • Grim Batol to Jaedenar / Boulderfist / Vek'nilash
  • Bloodhoof to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Emerald Dream to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Thunderhorn to Bronze Dragonflight
  • Aszune to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Khadgar to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
  • Terenas to Bronze Dragonflight / Anachronos
As always, free moves are a good thing, I think. I wonder why they keep giving multiple destinations for European realms, which they never seem to do for North American realms. Can anyone shine any insight on that?

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