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HTC Athena gets previewed and fondled

Darren Murph

We'll admit, we're a bit envious of this one, as it seems one lucky soul has got his / her palms around an HTC Athena, and thankfully, hasn't kept it all bottled up. In a rather nice preview of the unit, we find an (expected) 624MHz Intel PXA270 processor, 128MB of RAM, 256MB of Flash ROM, 8GB hard drive, TV-out, five-inch 640 x 480 resolution backlit screen, three-megapixel camera, VGA mode for video telephony, rechargeable Li-ion battery, built-in microphone, GPS receiver, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, USB, and of course, a bevy of communication options including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, and HSDPA. Yeah, we know you're burning through this text just to find out about the photos, so if you've hung in there this far, be sure to click on through for a few more shots, and hit the read link for even more pictorial delight.

[Thanks, KC]

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