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I, for one, welcome our new ant farm overlords

Peter Rojas

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Turns out that the good people at Uncle Milton Industries, Inc. didn't look too kindly on our gross misuse of the phrase "ant farm" on yesterday's post about the Antquarium. Apparently they own the trademark on "ant farm", and are requesting we stop using it in relation to anything except Uncle Milton products. Here's their missive, with names redacted, in full:

Name: Steve XXXXXX
Subject: "Ant Farm" trademark usage
Hello there,
Our company, Uncle Milton Industries, Inc. is the owner of the registered trademark, "Ant Farm(R)" for our brand of ant habitat products. The phrase is not generic. We note the use of our trademark to describe a competitor's product in your website page noted above, as well as in the "Antquarium" page referenced on your site.
We request that you delete the phrase "ant farm" and substitute it with a generic phrase, such as "ant habitat."
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. A prompt reply to this request will be much appreciated.

We know you guys are required to send out these letters to defend the trademark, but we still won't be deleting the phrase from the post. Thanks for playing!

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