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Japanese release day highlights: 01.25.07

Jonti Davies

Today is an expensive day for the import crowd, and only slightly less expensive for gamers living in Japan. Thanks to Namco, Konami, From, Taito, and Nintendo, we have no choice but to blow a stash of Yen on these excellent new releases:

  • Idol Master (Namco's 'teen girl pop sensation management sim', pictured, is possibly not as dodgy as it seems; Xbox 360)
  • Parodius Portable (Konami's definitive collection of witty shmups, which includes the sublime Sexy Parodius; PSP)
  • Salamander Portable (more Konami love, including Xexex; PSP)
  • Twinbee Portable (thank Konami this includes Pop'N Twinbee; PSP)
  • Enchant Arm (so good that From Software released it twice; PS3)
  • Taito Memories 2, Vol. 1 (obscene love from Taito, ending with Bubble Memories; PS2)
  • Picross DS (it's Picross, but cleverer; DS)

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