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Nintendo shipped 4 million Wiis, boosts profits by 43%

Blake Snow

Well, it looks like Nintendo met its worldwide goal of shipping 4 million Wiis by the end of 2006. According to the Associated Press, the game maker cited a 43% profit increase for the nine months ending in December due to strong console and portable sales. From the article: "Nintendo said it sold 3.19 million Wii machines worldwide, 1.25 million in the Americas, and 1.14 million in Japan. The company said it had met its target of 4 million units shipped by the end of 2006 as that number had been manufactured and were still getting distributed, according to spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa."

Sounds like "shipped" means "manufactured" now, not necessarily "built and sent out the back door?" I'm no shipping expert, but it seems unlikely the last lot of 4 million Wiis are still en route to retail some 25 days after December 31.

Regardless, Nintendo continued by saying that the company is "well on its way" to reach its global target of shipping 2 million more units by March 31. In contrast, the report reminds us that Sony only shipped half the total number of Wiis (2 million) through mid-January, two weeks behind schedule. In case you were wondering, that above shot of Reggie was taken shortly after the announcement.

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