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Reader UI of the Week: January 15 - 22

Paul Sherrard

Welcome to Reader UI of the Week, your new weekly feature on what your peers are using in the world of AddOns and enhancements to improve the World of Warcraft experience.

Each week we'll look at one reader-submitted entry, and expose you to new ideas for your own UI setup. As we're just starting this week, we'll start with my own UI.

Character Name: Wyahld

Screen Size: 1680x1050 - 20" Widescreen Monitor

General Theme: Uncluttered - I need room to see the game while I'm raiding or in a party. I didn't like the default action bars that took up so much screen real estate. I don't like the lack of info in the default unitframes.

AddOns Used: Bongos, Titan Bar, X-Perl Unitframes, CT-mod Core, CT BuffMod, Bagnon, TrackerDial, Call of Elements

I've had a lot of UI themes over the years, but I've come around almost full circle to realize that simple is best. If I can leave my screen mostly uncluttered, then I find myself focusing on the game rather than any extraneous information. So this is my shammy, he's level 40 now and leveling quickly. The only add-on that really has an impact on gameplay is Call of Elements, which is a great tool for setting up totems.

So, gather up your UI screenshots, as well as your Character's Name, the Screen Size, your General Theme, the AddOns you're using, and a little blurb about it. Once you've got all that, submit it to readerui at gmail dot com.

Oh, and feel free to rip my setup in the comments, and give me advice on making it better.

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