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Search your Stikkits from Quicksilver, browsers

David Chartier

Remember that iNik guy we mentioned, who put together a handy package of Mac OS X tools that interact with Stikkit, the online PIM that thinks so you don't have to? He swung by our original post to mention that he's posting all sorts of Stikkit tips for working with this wholly unique PIM service (which, surprisingly, iNik says works fine in Safari but not IE - how cool is that?), and so far, many of them are Mac-based.

His latest tip involves configuring popular Mac OS X browsers, and even Quicksilver and LaunchBar, with the ability to search your stikkits right from the comforts of your tools of choice. iNik includes instructions for setting up Firefox and OmniWeb, though sadly not Safari since it hasn't been endowed with alternative search engine super powers just yet. Still, this is another handy trick for getting that little extra something out of an online organizer.

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