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Sega's iSmile animated flower grooves to the music

Darren Murph

Animated flowers in the home certainly aren't a new fad, as we've seen talkative ones, printing ones, networked ones, and even petals that douse fires. Sega Toys' latest gizmo takes the electrified flower to another level, as it looks to integrate the bouncy demeanor of the iSmile flower with your music to create a housemate that jumps and grooves to your tunes right alongside of you. The device accepts any musical source via a 3.5-millimeter input jack, and also features a built-in speaker, illuminated petals, moving leaves, and an expressive face to boot. The iSmile even reacts accordingly to the genre of music coming through, as it gracefully grooves to slow jams while shakin' it until the leaves fall off when listening to heavy metal. Sure, this thing desperately needs a speaker pass-through output so you're not stuck utilizing the presumably weak integrated driver, but nevertheless, you can pick up your own iSmile now for just about 40 bucks.

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