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ZELOX unveils DAP-equipped RC Skate-Botz

Darren Murph

Here's another one from the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2007, and as was the case on Marsilli's cellphone-controlled car, ZELOX's Skate-Botz are entirely more novel than useful, but we've got no gripes with that. Rather than strapping on the blades and hitting the pavement yourself, ZELOX figures you'll have a lot more fun (and conserve a lot more calories energy) dictating your own skate-equipped bot around the kitchen floor. The remote-controlled Skate-Botz seem to feature a bit more than inline fun, however, as each device is equipped with a flash-based MP3 player strapped on its leg, which can kick out tunes from the chest-mounted speaker or be detached for your own personal usage. Per usual, there's no word on future pricing or availability, but we wouldn't count on seeing these fellows on American soil for awhile anyway.

[Via SlashGear]

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