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A first look at iriver's 4GB X20 PMP


Flagship models like the clix 2 and W10 might've stolen all of this little guy's spotlight at CES this year, but iriver's X20 -- which goes in for a more standard control scheme and traditional stylings -- isn't a mere poser. The glossy front isn't a total fingerprint magnet, according to CNET, and the 2.2-inch screen and microSD slots are welcome inclusions on a mini DAP like this. There's also a removable battery for making it through those longer trips, with MPEG-4 and WMV support for video playback, along with JPEG and the usual audio suspects. CNET was also impressed by the FM reception and sharp video playback, but didn't really dig the "too-tiny" mechanical scroll ring. The player includes 4GB of flash memory, and at 0.65-inches thick isn't the slimmest in its class, but it should do just fine. No word on price or availability, and from the looks of things, there might not be any US launch plans just yet.

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