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Digital Cube gets an i-Station dictionary gig with the T43DIC PMP


You know, Casio ain't the only game in town when it comes to these e-dictionary units that seem to be so popular in Asia. The folks at Digital Cube might not be willing to do something so silly as attach a keyboard to one of their PMPs, but they've apparently done just about everything else to prep this i-Station T43DIC for the exciting life of an electronic dictionary. Of course, those 30GB and 40GB capacities are probably meant for storing a bit more than mere words, but i-Station puts a nice little educational spin on the usual mindless video fare: subtitles are linked to the dictionary, so you can translate the complicated "I'll shoot you in the face" and "you complete me" type of phraseology that those Hollywood intellectuals are always trying to throw around. Prices are set at 398,000 won ($425 US) for the 30 gigger and 448,000 won ($479 US) for the 40 gigger, but that's about all we know about this device, other than a few screenshots that show this pen-based device to have quite the full-fleshed, shiny OS. Though the similarities in looks to Digital Cube's BMP-1430 probably mean the two PMPs share more than a few specs under the hood.

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