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HTC X7500 "Athena" has tri-band HSDPA

Chris Ziegler

Is this a dream? Have we landed in some alternate reality where the world's hottest devices inexplicably rock 3G radios with compatibility on American bands? That's the only conceivable explanation we can come up with after catching wind that HTC's X7500 / Athena / T-Mobile Ameo will pack not one, not two, but three frequencies of glorious High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, aka HSDPA, aka "we must have one, now." Since all our intel thus far has suggested that the Athena would come out of the gate with 2100MHz only, we'd normally be our jaded selves and reject this new spec as hearsay, but Boy Genius himself has scored what appears to be a legit spec sheet straight from HTC that delivers the good news. Guess there's only one way we can confirm this (HTC, you have our mailing address) but we're cautiously optimistic that things are looking up for North America's mobile warriors here.

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