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Is this the Motorola Q2?

Chris Ziegler

Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief here; we were inclined to think that the "Norman" (their name, not ours) was going to end up becoming the Q2, but a HowardForums member has hooked the world up with something that looks far more refined, and... well, 2007. To be fair, the original Norman picture could've been an early prototype that has since gone back for retooling because the newer picture seems to carry over some elements -- the shape of the d-pad, for example -- while offering up a more rounded exterior (that doesn't look like it was penned by a designer who wasn't loved as a child), a better keypad, and a nifty two-tone scheme. Of course, we won't know the lowdown with certainty until 3GSM next month, but this one looks more believable, no?

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