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O2 prepping Xda "Atom Life" and "Flame" Pocket PCs

Chris Ziegler

Ooh la la, Xda Flame, how could we forget you? You stole our hearts a couple months back with mere rumors of your existence, and now that your impending release has been confirmed, we're about ready to pack our bags and head for greener pastures (that is, parts of the world serviced by O2). Best of all, it sounds like everything we heard about the Flame might be spot-on -- the 3.6-inch display, NVIDIA GPU, 2GB of onboard storage -- everything. Then again, the also-announced Xda Atom Life is no slouch either, packing a full gigabyte of Flash, HSDPA, and the promise of a white variant down the road. We'll gladly take either -- with support for HSDPA 850 / 1900, please.

[Thanks, h20]

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