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Swanky Leather MacBook Case Day

Mat Lu

Yesterday was apparently swanky leather MacBook case day as two separate makers released new models. Vaja has long been known for rather expensive, but very finely crafted mobile phone/PDA cases. They are now apparently moving into the notebook case world and are offering the classic Jacket (from $120) for the MacBook and MacBook Pro (15 & 17). It's a leather sleeve-case, but like Vaja's previous cases looks to be very sumptuously made.

On a separate note, Case-mate is releasing the signature suits (pictured, $150), which are "form-fit leather wraps for your MacBook and MacBook Pro." Unlike the classic Jacket, the suits are designed to remain on the MacBook (Pro) during normal usage.

So if you've ever felt the need to wrap your high-tech MacBook (Pro) in fine, hand-crafted animal carcass, now is a great time!

[Via Macworld (x2)]

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