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Samsung's Hauzen washing machine gets gilded

Darren Murph

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For awhile there, all the latest washing machines were on an impressive roll of adding more and more functionality to that water-filled (or not) clothes tosser, but it looks like Samsung will be the one to bring that streak to a screeching halt. Rather that producing a unit that ran off fuel cells or instantly converted into a dryer when the wash cycle was complete, the firm instead contacted renowned designer Andre Kim to add a touch of luxury to an oftentimes covered household device. For folks who prefer their washing machines to be the center of attention, this Hauzen-branded machine sports a gilded finish, stainless steel door ring, royal emblem on the glass, and a paint job that will admittedly clash horrendously with in-home decor more often than not. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't go into much detail concerning the cutting edge features on this here washer, nor do we know just how lofty the price will be, but if you're seriously considering something this extravagant, neither of those tidbits are likely to matter anyway.

[Via Core77]

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