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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: tardy edition [update 2]

Ross Miller

Oh, look at the time. The webcomic branch of Joystiq HQ is running a bit behind today, so pardon our sloth behavior and enjoy the selection we've picked today.

Don't like the white rabbit? Well, we don't think he likes you either. Just look at his pixelated eyeballs staring you down, and those two front teeth yearning for flesh. Human flesh.

... heh, sorry to get sidetracked. Here are our picks for the week's best gaming comics, be sure to vote for your favorite!

The hook, line, and sinker
Our poor, European brethren
Tycho, Gabe, what are you doing here?
Me and my shadow
Gaming Scientific cubed
Ubisoft strikes back
Dawn of Next Gen
Oh God, please no!
Puzzling conclusion
You can't fight instinct
I've said it before, they'll say it again
How's this for a Burning Crusade?
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[Update 1: Dueling Analogs and Digital Unrest are both back up and online, so go send them your traffic!]

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