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Wii Warm Up: Adding up the costs


A reader dropped us a note about the money he'd thus far poured into the Wii, and at first our jaws dropped at the amount ... and then we started adding up our own costs, and boy weren't we red-faced. Let's look at some of the basic items:

Console: $250
Wii Remote: $40 (each)
Nunchuk: $20 (each)
Games: $50 (each)
Classic controller: $20 (each)
Component cables: $30

So let's assume that we're Little Lisha Fangirl, and we head out to get hooked up with the Wii goodness. We buy a console, one extra controller and nunchuk, a couple of classic controllers, and two games, as well as component cables. With tax, we're probably looking at a little over $500. Not too bad; after all, you're not buying extra shinyz for a PS3 or 360 plus the console for that ... you're probably not even getting a PS3 by itself for that. But then you start laying in a few extras. Third and fourth controller, say. A couple of those nifty controller gloves so you don't have to play guess-which-remote-is-player-one. And you have to have some Wii points, so you break out the credit card and load up. You pick up an SD card. And suddenly your reasonable console, when you add in a couple more games, is slouching toward a cool grand.

Ouch. We're even the inexpensive guys. How do you feel about the costs of gaming these days? It seems there are more games around than we could possibly buy and play and grok in fullness, but we do what we can. Still, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the hidden costs of gaming? That's today's question.

[Thanks, RD!]

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