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Wowwee's Spidersapien caught on tape, slings webs

Darren Murph

All these videos of Wowwee's quickly-growing lineup of must-have robots has got us quite envious, but still, it's better to see these things caught on tape than never at all, right? One of the firm's first licensed superheros is none other than Spidey himself, and the Spidersapien was able to take a moment from his heroic day to show its stuff for TechDigest. The bot is actually quite different than just a Robosapien with a fancy paint job, as his mannerisms, gait, built-in voice blurbs, and abilities are all straight from the Spider-Man vault. So go on, click through for the live action video of Spidersapien calling out the baddies, waddling about, and of course, slinging that unmistakable web, and start saving now for when these land this summer.

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