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AddOn Spotlight: ItemRack

Eliah Hecht

This is one AddOn that I'd recommend to just about everyone. ItemRack lets you construct sets of equipment, and allows you to switch them based on hotkeys, events, or menu activation. For example, on my Priest, I have a heal set, a solo set (pictured), and a fire resistance set, which I use ItemRack's menu to switch between, although I should probably set hotkeys (it's also got plugins for FuBar and Titan Bar). I also have a Plaguelands set, which consists of my Argent Dawn trinket, that gets auto-equipped whenever I enter the PL, and a mount set, which has my boots with spurs, that gets auto-equipped when I mount up.

On my Warrior, I've got a weapon set for each stance; each set auto-equips when I go into the relevant stance (and can be chosen manually as well, of course). On my Rogue, I had a set for a while that had a big dagger in the main hand, that would activate when I was stealthed, so I could Ambush even though I usually had a sword MH. I got rid of that since I decided going around behind the mob was too much trouble and I wanted to just use Cheap Shot instead, but it was nice for a time. ItemRack is solid and crazy useful; I can't say enough about it. I'm always finding new features in it, too. For instance, I just now learned that you can make your helm and cloak hide or show based on what set you're wearing. This is very helpful, because although I like the stats on my Vindicator Cap of the Prophet, I could do without the genie-hat look. On the other hand, I love my Skywitch Hat, and want the world to know (it looks like the Dread Mage Hat).

Download ItemRack at Curse

P.S., for ItemRack experts: do you know any way to make an event that'll have a set equip when you join a party, and unequip when you leave a party? I'd like to make it so my heal set auto-equips when I'm grouped up, but I can't quite figure it out.

P.P.S., because this gets me all the time: if you make a change to your ItemRack config and it doesn't seem to have worked, you probably forgot to hit "Save" in the ItemRack window.

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