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Analyst predicts Euro PS3 price cut within the year


The occasionally apologetic Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities has used his arcane analytical powers to conjure up the following prediction: the Playstation 3 will see a price cut in Europe within the first year of its launch. "The PS3 can command GBP 425 from the hardcore and I think you'll see price cuts a year from now, probably to GBP 300." Pachter believes the costs of a PS3 and a 1080p television to be "worth every penny" and expects the system to sell out very quickly after its European launch on March 23rd.

This prediction comes in stark contrast to the words of SCEA chief, Jack Tretton, who told Game Informer that the PS3 would be "difficult to cost reduce" and would not see a price reduction as quickly as the PS2 did. It took 565 days from launch for the PS2's North American price to drop. Even working from the PS3's US release date, the idea of a UK and Europe price drop by March 2008 smells a bit of unfettered optimism.

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