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Asus's Vista Special Edition tablet PC, for execs only


Looks like Microsoft is upping the stakes of its in-house Vista-related goodies considerably, following up its custom-made Vista soft drink with this specially designed tablet PC courtesy of Asus. Sharp-eyed readers will no doubt recognize the tablet as Asus's recently released R1F model, although as the above shot courtesy of Sean Alexander shows, it's been hit with the Vista branding stick, sporting that shiny new logo we'll all be seeing a lot more of soon. Alexander also got word of a few leather-bound models floating around, but wasn't able to spot 'em first hand. From the sound of it, however, the tablet appears to be otherwise unchanged from the plain-old R1F, with the same widescreen display and enough power to show of Aero and other Vista features to their fullest (check it out it action after the break). Not surprisingly, these should prove quite a bit harder to get a hold of than a can of Vista lemon lime, with the tablet PCs strictly reserved for a "select number of partners."

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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