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Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro previewed, inspected

Darren Murph

Although Fujifilm's S3 Pro UVIR DSLR isn't exactly antiquated, the company's next rendition has been anticipated for quite some time, and now LetsGoDigital has had a chance to open 'er up, snap some shots of it, and let us know what this thing's all about. While not delving into specifics, the preview does showcase the S5 Pro's frame, features, and expectations of the February-bound digicam, and harps on the magnesium casing which favors the one found on the Nikon D200. It was also noted that the current edition can only handle up to 4GB flash cards, but hopefully a firmware update will allow larger cards to take part in the fun. As expected, the Super CCD SR Pro image sensor was highly regarded, and the firm's well-known face-finding technology is alive and well on this unit too. Overall, the company felt that this unit did the Fujifilm brand justice, as it paid close attention to the minutiae that makes Fujifilm cameras "unique," so be sure and hit the read link for closeups of crannies that you didn't even know this €1,895 ($2,448) monster had.

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