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Homestar Runner games make Wii's HEAD A SPLODE

Kyle Orland

First Trogdor gets his theme song featured in Guitar Hero II, now some of Homestar Runner's retro-tastic games are being adapted for use on the Wii web browser. What's next -- Stinkoman 20X6 on Xbox Live Arcade?

Basically, the Wii versions of these games just use the Wii remote to replace the computer mouse, or use the pointer to control a character rather than the keyboard directions. While these adapted games play well enough, they wouldn't even be necessary if Nintendo would open up the Wii remote D-pad for simple directional input on Flash animations (apparently hackers are working on just this problem).

Only four titles from the massive Videlectrix catalog have been optimized for the Wii remote as of yet, but the site alluringly promises "more to come." We can't wait for the Wii version of Duck Guardian One. Those robot dogs don't stand a chance against our Wii remote skills.

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